Part Two Of movie questions.

7. What is meant by white supremacy?White supremacy is the belief, or promotion of the belief, that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds and that therefore whites should politically, economically and socially dominate non-whites.

8. Who is the source of white supremacist thoughts and beliefs?Remi

9. What caused Remi to turn to a racist group?Loneliness

10. Columbus University was a big, co-ed school. Is this the kind of college you want to go to? Explain. I would’ve loved to go there. but in condtions of MY modern day, not then.

11. Who directed this movie? John Singleton

12. What other famous movie did he direct? Abduction

13. What is date rape? going for a date and forcing a person to do it on the same night.

14. Explain “no means no!” If a lady  someone says no to whatever you doing, you stop then and there.

15. Explain the following line from the movie: “If you don’t have the information you can’t seize the power.” You can’t make actions without backing yourself up with proven information.

16. The movie ends with the word “UNLEARN.” Why did the director end the movie this way? What is he trying to say? He doesn’t want the viewers/audience to continue this way, so unlearn it.


Love for Sale

Song Lyrics Link:

1. Answer questions for each version of the song:

What do you think the artist is trying to say in this song?Love can be an extravagant thng but love has many metaphors in this song.

What is the theme, the overall message? True Love is barely there now.

What point is it trying to make? You can’t buy true love

How or why did you know that?Old love, new love
Every love but true love
Love for sale.

How might each version be used in a film? The first one made by  the female can be used as the opening of a movie. The male version can be used as the ending overall message of the movie.

2. Summurize Similarities and differences of each song and how the elements changed your perception of the meaning.
The first song seems like it’s tellng the viewer/listener about what’s happening infront of her. Whilst the guy seems that he was a victim aforementioned in the song. 



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As I am – Documentary Paragraph response.

   “They know deep down inside they’ll never have a mansion or never smell the ocean,but they don’t admit it ’cause their minds don’t think that way”. Although he died at the age of 2 and was resurrected we all know we have something to do on this planet. What is it that we have to do is the main question? This film speaks to me on emotional levels because I understand where he’s coming from. ” I’m scared of what I will become because there are no stories of a person like me making it out there”.  I have my own struggles, my family isn’t what you would consider the modern day family. I come from a family with disabilities and I live in the hood as well, so far I still didn’t see a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, yet I’m forced to be optimistic. Something dandy will happen right? There isn’t a story that ends happily but might if my story is the one that does. Might if I just continue living a crappy life and end up no where. Yes I do dream, I do have dreams, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming but I’ve been dreaming to the point where I believe I can be somebody or something. I have to come to terms with reality, that the lifestyle I’m living is about as good as it gets. So I decided I’m not gonna focus on myself anymore, why struggle to get out of the pit you already fell into? I’m gonna try to help others who fell into the pit as well. If there’s a way I can help them then I’ll try my best. As the guy in the documentary said “we’re here to connect, heal each other. We have hands to touch, hearts to love” and that’s exactly what I’ll do. I believe as a humans, once we can realize that it’s not all about money, or how big your house is I think we’ll finally be able to find that truth. That reason before our lives.

  Another part of the film that stood out to me is when the guy mentioned “is there really a higher soul watching over the people in the hood?” That’s what I question myself everyday. Is there really someone out there? Watching all these people struggle yet they won’t do anything. “Two blocks from the hood is a new world, but is there a new world two blocks from the hood? and why is it only two blocks away?” We’re so close but so far away is what I understood from the quote but I could never find an appropriate answer for that last part “why?” why is it so close… why can’t we get there? Why, Why, Why?! Does the one above have the answer? so many questions are raised from just thinking about it. This documentary is giving voice to the voiceless. Giving the people in the hood that are struggling so much an opportunity to be heard that’s why I’d give this film a 10/10. I think it made it’s main goal obvious.Image


Bamboozled and it’s many themes.

In the movie Bamboozled by Spike Lee, there are many themes that can be seen through out the movie, such as:
– Stereotypes, Black struggle, Police & The People, Minstrelsy, The N word & Race reverse

One theme that stood out to me the most was black success. Throughout the movie Pierre Delacroix was suggesting appropriate and professional acts to his boss Thomas Dunwitty. Pierre was a well-mannered and business like man while Thomas was the complete opposite. Thomas would act as though he was brought up properly and say ‘Ni**a’ every chance he got, no matter how many times Pierre would ask him politely not to. The ironic thing is, the most unprofessional guy in the situation was the big boss!

When I recalled all of this in the movie it reminded me of a song by a rapper named Hopsin, In the song he calls out why black people aren’t successful, how you have to work hard in order to get what you want.Hopsin talks about the troubled youth in today’s society, and the effects the media has, and the effects he has. He is asking so many questions about society and why they do stupid things. So learning that an unprofessional guy like Thomas was at the head of the company completely ‘Bamboozled’ me .

tired -Lyrics each line explained. – The song itself.




The Social Network

Questions supporting the movie:

1. What are the main ideas that the creator of Facebook and his partner had in mind that makes the concept successful?

Ads, making new friends, sharing pictures and statues, and messaging.

2. Why is Facebook different from other sites, according to the movie?  It allows people to contact their friends on a different level.

3. What suggestions would you give to make Facebook even better?

I suggest them to update the design and allow other connections to other social networks on it or to allow us to edit our backgrounds ( similarly to myspace) and have us put more of our own creation to it.

4. What is the future of Facebook? Crashing; If they don’t improve. It’ll die down like Myspace and Tumblr will triumph all these lame sites OR I think they would eventually purchase other social networks to include it into one huge website.

Questions about your Social Networking Activity:

– Do you have social networks accounts, such as facebook, orkut, my space, linkedin, twitter? Which ones? Which one is your favorite? Yes I do ,

Twitter,  FB, LinkedIN, Tumblr , Soundcloud . Steam , IMVU , Weeworld , zwinky , Meez , Crunchyroll, Youtube , Instagram , Skype , OovoO  & many more.

my favorites are IMVU, crunchyroll , YouTube , and Tumblr.

– Do you have a Facebook account? How often do you check your Facebook account?
Yes I do have one; I barely go on it – I check it once every two – three weeks.

– How many friends do you have on Facebook? Are they actually your friends?

300 friends, Yes they are actually my close-friends/ family members

– What do you do on Facebook?

Play Tetris ; Messages my friends ; Take care of my Happy baby. Nothing much really.

– What’s the best and worst thing about Facebook?

People posting statuses from tumblr ; It’s uncustomizable <-  Worst  .   Being able to talk to my friends and save pictures online <~ Best

– What’s something you don’t like about Facebook?

It’s uncustomizable to the public

– Have you ever had a problem on Facebook? What happened? Do you know anyone who has had a problem on Facebook?

No I never had a problem on FB ; I know people who has been catfished.

– Do you chat on Facebook? How often do you do it? Do you like chatting on the internet? Why (not)?

I do chat on facebook once in a while, I like chatting on the internet because I can express myself better.

– Do you know any story about a problem because of Facebook?

Watch the Catfish series.

– Do you accept any friend request? How do you do it?

No I don’t ; I ignore peopleI don’t know and accept the people I’ve acquainted with.

– Is it okay to have your boss as a friend on Facebook? Why (not)? What about your parents? And teachers?

It’s not okay to have people such as teachers and bosses as friends on FB because they’ll constantly know what you’re doing around the clock and judge you on it.

– Do you have any private album that none of your friends can see?

Yes ; Many.

– How do you protect your album privacy on Facebook?

I set it to friends only.

– What are some privacy concerns when using Facebook?

Leakage of pics and messages.

– Do you follow celebrities on Facebook?

Very Few.

– How different are Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook you can type a story long status. Twitter is just for quick, constant updates.

– How different are Facebook and Orkut?

I don’t have Orkut.

– Why is Facebook so popular?

Because it’s widely known for connecting people regardless of their location in the world.



Shots & Angles questions 1/9/14


Extreme Close Up : Emphasizes a portion of the face, a small detail.

Close-Up : Close-up (often of a face). Draws attention to detail, especially facial reaction.

Medium Close Up: Figure framed from the chest up.

Medium Shot: Figure framed from the waist up.

Extreme long Shot: Also known as ‘establishing shot’. Indicates the environment and places the human figure in a setting.



Low Angled Shot : Camera positioned low, looking up. Emphasizes the size of the object in frame.

High Angled Shot : Camera positioned high, looking down. Emphasizes the vulnerability of the object or person in focus.

Point-of-view Shot : A shot from the perspective of a character i.e.; seeing it through their eyes.